Where Risky Kids Wish They Went To School

Check out this kindergarten in Japan … built around a tree!

Photo credit: Tezuka Architects

Half of the building is enclosed in glass, while the other half is open to the elements.  You can see more images, and read more about the school over at treehugger.

Do the elevated open spaces freak you out (no pressure on the teachers or anything)? The most dangerous places are roped off, but I love the quote from the principal of the school:

“Children who do not learn how to avoid minor injuries can experience much more serious accidents as adults.”

I know this wouldn’t fly in the US, where the school would have its first lawsuit before snack time was over, but I wonder what the general sentiment is in Japan. Are parents there generally less risk-averse than we are? I haven’t traveled outside of the country since having kids, but it has me wondering: do parents from the US worry more about potential hazards in regards to their kids than parents from other cultures?