Welcome to The Risky Kids!  The Risky Kids was started in January 2012 by Angie Six.

The Risky Kids is a place to share a different way to play and parent: one that worries less, encourages freedom and fun, and yes, might include a few bumps and bruises.  While we won’t be throwing any machetes or bungee-jumping, we will push the boundaries of what society today considers “safe” play.  Through reflecting on issues concerning play today, sharing our favorite books, toys and activities, and making our way through Gever Tulley’s book 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do), we hope to make risky play everyone’s business.

The Risky Kids is open to blog advertising, reviews, PR relationships, media buys, and brand ambassador programs.  Conference sponsorships, personal appearances and speaking engagements will also be considered.  Please contact Angie at theriskykids@gmail.com with any requests.

Enough with the business side of things, let’s talk about us!

First, meet Angie:

six family-069-2

The Risky Family: Angie, Eli (7), Elena (12), and Mike Six

We don’t look so dangerous, do we?  Nah, to most everyone we look like your average family.  But somewhere between our daughter’s first tentative steps and now, we realized that our philosophy on kids and play was not quite the same as most parents.

When other parents were hovering, we were stepping back.  We heard “Get down!” and encouraged our kids to climb higher.  Even though we live in suburbia, we wanted our kids to experience some of the wilder, less-restricted days of our youth.  Eventually we realized that most of the things we let our kids do – exploring creeks, climbing trees, skateboarding, riding bikes alone, even monkey bars – were considered “too dangerous” for kids’ safety.  We didn’t want that to be the prevailing attitude for this next generation of kids, and so we created The Risky Kids.

The Six family lives near Indianapolis, Indiana.  Angie also writes at her personal blog Just Like The Number, and is a regular contributor for the Bedtime Math blog.


Handstand Lisa

Lisa is (obviously) the more flexible one around here!

Lisa Abramson:  Lisa was a risky kid.  She walked on top of the monkey bars.  She did back flips off the swings.  She had a mini-trampoline in her college dorm room.  Then she had kids of her own and – she’ll admit it – she hovered.  She spent her days swooping in and yelling things like, “Don’t touch!” and “Get down!”  It took a few years, but she eventually returned to her risky roots.

Now Lisa and her boys spend their days slacklining, kayaking, skateboarding and biking.  They’ve been known to stay out after dark, get a little lost and maybe miss a meal.  She can’t wait for more adventures!

Lisa and her two sons, Thomas (11) and Ben (7), live near Nashville, Tennessee.