How Do You Live Dangerously?

Elena skate park

Do you get the Title Nine catalog?  I’ve been a customer for many years, and even if I’m not planning to order anything, I’ve always enjoyed flipping through their catalogs.  What makes it different from, say … a Nordstrom catalog?  The models.  They use (in their words) “ordinary women doing extraordinary things.”  I love to see the women who look like me mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, slacklining.  While I might not ever try some of those things, it’s nice to imagine that if I really wanted to, I could.

And so I just had to smile when I opened up the latest catalog and read this from their founder on the inside cover:


Go ahead and eat it, even if it’s past the 5 second rule.

Skip the anti-bacterial soap and let your immune system do the fighting.

Skip the antibiotics … chances are it’s a virus.

Let your child work with knives.  The learning will astonish you both.

Take that job offer, even if, especially if, you think you are under-qualified.

Think it’s too steep?  One way to find out.

Yes, your son can walk to the store by himself.

And, your daughter should learn to build a good fire.

And even if you think you haven’t trained enough, do that race anyway.


Turns out, the Title Nine Girls are Risky Girls!  I absolutely love it, as it’s the exact spirit of thinking which inspired us to create The Risky Kids.

I’d love for us to add to the list, so tell me:  how do you live dangerously?