Risky Pins: The Poll Edition

Enquiring minds (okay, maybe just mine) want to know: do you enjoy the Pinterest posts?  Do you prefer posts with a round-up of links I find interesting instead?  Or a combo of the two?  If you could be so kind and vote below, I’d appreciate it!

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And now on to regularly scheduled Pinterest content!  Pinned anything risky lately?  Add a link in the comments to your pin!  And be sure to follow us on Pinterest – we’re theriskykids.  The more the merrier (and riskier!)

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Did you ever use a baseball card on your bike spokes to make it sound like a motorbike?  In case you’ve forgotten how or –gasp!– never got to do so, here’s an easy tutorial (I love the Strider bike, too!).

Source: Toddler Approved via The Risky Kids via Pinterest

The LEGO Ninjago series has turned Eli into one ninja-obsessed little boy.  Here’s a fun way to indulge an obsession in ninja weapons without fearing for your life.

Source: All For The Boys via The Risky Kids via Pinterest

Something to think about:

Source: minna may via The Risky Kids via Pinterest

While this could be applied in all kinds of life situations, I love how it applies to parenting and play.  If we, as parents, can push past the “worst first” thinking that plagues us all (You’ll fall!  You’ll break a bone!  Someone will kidnap you!) and get to the place where we can see the good that comes from challenging situations, awesome things can happen.