Worldwide Recess Day – Take 10!

This Friday, September 14 is Worldwide Recess Day.  Just because you don’t sit at a tiny desk and pack your peanut butter sandwiches in a paper bag anymore doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little play in your day.

To celebrate the need for play in everyone’s day, young and old, KEEN is encouraging everyone to take 10 minutes out of your day on Friday for your own version of recess.  Take the kids outside for the old-fashioned 4-Square that doesn’t require a phone.  Or challenge your co-workers to 10 minutes of dodge ball … loser has to buy lunch.  While you’re out having fun, snap a photo of your recess shenanigans and upload it to Instagram or Twitter with the tag #TAKE10.  Someone will win a pair of KEENs every hour.

Recess is back!