Bikeyaking (Or How to Get Michelle Obama Arms)

I love kayaking. It’s fun to take the kids but the problem is that you really need two vehicles for most kayaking trips. I don’t mind being risky but I draw the line at letting my 9-year-old drive the car. The solution?  Bikeyaking. We live close to the Stones River which just happens to be near the Stones River Greenway. Biking and kayaking? They go together like PB & J.

I got the idea from my friend, Riley McLincha. He is the world’s first and possibly only RunYaker. He kayaks and then runs back to his car. He does over 300 miles a year. He’s what I like to call hardcore. I hung up my running shoes several years ago but I can still bike.

Thomas and I locked up our bikes at take out (the place where you leave the river and go back to land), hopped back in the truck and drove to put in (the place where you put your kayak in the water).  We put in at the Mercer Trailhead and took out at Thompson Lane, which is about an hour paddle. The best part was the waterfalls. Ok, there really aren’t any waterfalls but there are several 6 inch drops. This isn’t whitewater by any stretch but it’s still fun for a 9-year-old.


At the end of our paddle, we hopped on our bikes and rode the two miles back to our truck. The greenway was well marked and mostly flat, making it an easy ride.

biking on the greenway

The downside is loading all the equipment into the truck. If I can make it fit, so can you.



Biking and kayaking changes things up for the kids, so they don’t get bored. It also allows me to take Thomas kayaking without another adult.  As an added bonus, schlepping bikes and kayaks just might give you Michelle Obama arms…