Risky Places We Love: Go Ape

The most awesome face I've ever made, courtesy of the @GoApe zip line.

You know the signs of a perfect risky adventure?  When you’re cheeks hurt from laughing, your muscles ache from working, and you’re still picking mulch out of your pants days later.

Go Ape, Indianapolis

Welcome to Go Ape Treetop Adventures, my favorite risky place in Indianapolis.  Go Ape is a playground for big kids and adults.  Set in a lush forest near Eagle Creek Reservoir, Go Ape is a series of treetop obstacle courses connected by ziplines.  Five awesome ziplines, to be exact.

The original plan was for Elena and I to have a mom-daughter risky date.  I thought I had read the fine print well, but not well enough.  I knew Elena needed to be 10, I didn’t realize there was a height requirement as well (4′ 7″).  Unfortunately Elena isn’t quite there yet, so once again her zipline dreams were dashed (I’m looking at you, Super Bowl 46).  Instead, Mike and I decided to make it a date.

Go Ape, Indianapolis

We paid a visit on a gorgeous summer morning, but Go Ape is open virtually year round.  Fall in Indianapolis would be an amazing time to go!  It was my first experience ziplining, and I was nervous.  No need to worry, though.  The instructors are kind, thorough and very encouraging.  One trip down the bunny zipline and I was hooked, literally and figuratively.

Mike and I spent nearly 2 hours together – climbing, balancing, crawling, zipping, and more importantly, having an absolute blast.  I seriously can’t remember the last time the two of us had that much fun together.

Go Ape, Indianapolis

Go Ape would be an awesome family activity for those of you with older kids who are struggling to find ways to connect with kids that have outgrown playgrounds and children’s museums.  Or do like Mike and I did – leave the kids at home and have your own risky fun for a change!

Still not convinced? Let’s see if my masterful video changes your mind. Note: a few of the clips are sideways (sorry) and I may or may not refer to my cooter (again, sorry). Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Many thanks to Go Ape for providing Mike and I with the coolest date we’ve had in years.  Go Ape is located within Eagle Creek Park on the northwest side of Indianapolis.  They also have locations in Rockville, MD and Williamsburg, VA.