Risky Reads: Fall tricks, DIY hovercraft and the art of roughhousing.

The votes are in (well, at least one of them!) and you told me that you’d prefer to see some links thrown in with our Risky Pins round up.  So let’s say goodbye to “Risky Pins” and say hello to “Risky Reads.”  About once a month I’ll share a few pins and links that I think risky folks like you will like.  Here are a few things we’ve found this month.  Hope you like them, too!

Source: Acorn Pies

Learn how to whistle with an acorn cap – what a cool way to impress your kids with a nifty fall trick!  The Risky Kids Pinterest board via Acorn Pies

Speaking of fall, do you own a leaf blower?  How awesome would it be to turn it into a hovercraft? Via Apartment Therapy and the Makeshop Show

Check out these 10 backyard roller coasters. It’s like Phineas and Ferb visited these backyards. Via Built by Kids

Even me, the riskiest of moms, cringes a bit at this.  And yet, I see the value in giving kids this kind of creative freedom. What do you think? Via Mama’s Minutia

As the weather cools and we spend more time inside, read up on the importance of roughhousing with your kids.  Just don’t buy expensive lamps. Via The Art of Manliness