Let’s teach the kids to play quarters.

Teach Kids to Play Quarters

My kids learned how to play quarters last month. No, not the quarters that some people played in college. We have a token system that allows the children to earn screen time at our house. When Thomas handed me a token and told me that he was headed upstairs to play on the computer, I put the token on my elbow and said, “Watch this.” I did that thing where you quickly move you arm down and catch the token. The kids were amazed. It works better with real money so we grabbed a handful of change, cranked the tunes and went crazy.

The kids spent most of the morning playing quarters. We stacked multiple coins on our elbows. We tried both elbows at the same time. We experimented with different coins.

I know that this isn’t risky but it’s fun. And won’t we all sleep better if maybe, just maybe, when the kids are asked to play quarters their freshman year at college they will reply that,  “Yeah, my mom taught me how to play” and promptly stack a quarter on their elbow?