Risky Reads: Punkin’ Chunkin’ Edition

Pumpkin Catapult

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!  This was the first year we let Elena, who is 10, trick-or-treat without a parent.  It helps when her friends’ parents have the same philosophy on giving kids independence.  They had a blast and she came home with a pillowcase full of candy.  Check out this pumpkin catapult we got to try at our local Headless Horseman event. SO much fun.  While we can’t launch pumpkins at home, I’m going to let the kids smash their jack-o-lanterns this weekend.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 10  years as a parent, it’s that kids love to destroy things!  Here are a few things I found around the web last month I thought you might enjoy:

One of our playgroup friends had a marshmallow shooter and I thought Eli might lose his mind.  It was hilarious to watch the shooter and the other kids interact – like the preschool version of shooting t-shirts into a stadium crowd.  Here’s a cool tutorial on how to make your own marshmallow shooter– what a great Christmas gift!

My friend Jen (mother of quadruplet boys!) did a cool series last month on 31 Days of Simple Outdoor Adventures for Boys.  There’s so much great risky inspiration there, but I especially loved this one on making your own fishing pole.

Active for Life is an amazing resource year round, but it’s especially helpful if you need ideas for indoor activities to keep your kids moving.  Balloon juggling perhaps?

As you make notes over the winter about summer camps your kids might enjoy, why not scrap basketball camp for hacking camp?

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