Risky Places We Love: Cane Ridge Park Mountain Bike Trail.

Cane Ridge Park

We have a new mountain bike trail just outside of Nashville. Thomas had Election Day off from school so we gathered up one of his friends, loaded the bikes and headed to Cane Ridge Park.

The trail is only two miles long. It was well marked and had very few rocks and roots – perfect for kids. There is a really cool training loop that has a narrow board to cross, a banked hill, a log jump and small bumps to ride over. The boys loved it. I timed them and they rode the training loop over and over trying to beat their best time. As a bonus, we found half of a mouse on the trail.

Warning: Circle of Life photo.

Cane Ridge Park
Mountain biking and blood and guts. Awesome.

This trail is a perfect introduction to mountain biking for kids. It’s easy but still challenging. Thomas’ friend rounded a corner, hit a tree and crashed. He got right up, blamed the bike and continued his ride. No blood or tears.

Cane Ridge Park

Overall, we got a thumbs up from Thomas. The best part was listening to him yell, “Epic!” as he rode up and down the hills.

Cane Ridge Park is located in Nolensville, TN (just southeast of Nashville) at 419 Battle Road.  You can find directions here.