Risky Reads: The Family Vacation Edition

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Three out of four of us conquered Everest!

Just last month our family did one of the riskiest things you can do: vacation together.  I’m happy to report we survived 5 nights in a 260 square foot hotel room and came home with great memories and all of our limbs.  We toured all four Walt Disney World parks, Legoland, and Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  We took some of our own advice and split up at times, and it was the difference between everyone having fun and everyone being miserable.

The combination of our vacation, the holidays and our house being on the market has made the last month fly by.  I love to unwind by reading other blogs and cruising Pinterest.  Here are a few things I found that I thought you might enjoy.

Two years ago Santa brought the kids Nerf guns.  We have to constantly replenish ammo (Where do those Nerf bullets run off to? Must be the same place socks and Tupperware lids go to die.), but they’re definitely a toy they never tire of.  This Nerf Gun Shooting Range and all its variations will keep them happy all winter long.

Eli wants a bow and arrow for Christmas.  Bet he’d love this DIY mini bow and arrow in his stocking!

I can see this small toy catapult adding a whole new storyline to LEGO minifigure play.

How cool is this 12-year-old girl?  She decided she wanted a Fiero, then went about a grand plan to buy and restore one to drive when she turned 16.  Talk about resourceful.

It’s a busy time of year, but most of us with kids have a couple of weeks of winter break to look forward to. How about ditching some of the plans we think are “must-do” and giving kids the gift of free time?

Finally, a post from Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids that will have you in tears. A mom reflects on a young life filled with risk … and joy.

Happy holidays – we’re so thankful for all of our readers.  If you’d like to keep up with us around the web, be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest!