Risky Reads: The Post-Holiday Edition

As I write this, today is the first day I am home alone with both kids in school.  As much as I hate the mad rush out the door before the sun even rises, this is glorious.  We had a good holiday, despite a family medical emergency (not in our immediate family  – we’re all fine) and a computer meltdown (happy birthday to me – a new hard drive).  The highlight was getting a really good, can’t-leave-the-house snow storm the day after Christmas, especially after a dismal winter last year with no snow to speak of.

The other highlight was seeing the kids enjoy Christmas gifts that were screen-free.  We try hard to buy them things that will foster learning and creativity … sometimes they’re a hit and sometimes they’re duds (I’m looking at you, human anatomy board game that seemed like a good idea).  This year they were big hits, especially the LEGO Master Builder Academy Set and Snap Circuits Jr. .  Even the hard-to-please tween is impressed.

Snap Circuits Jr. is ahh-mazing!

While you’re slowly crawling out of the post-holiday tinsel and cookie crumbs, here are a few things that caught our eyes:

I really want to give these Sticklets a try.  They’d be great in the winter for building indoor forts and just as useful in the summer for building tee-pees and such.

We do the Girl Scout gig, but how cool would it be to call yourself a Hacker Scout?  Forget peddling cookies, how about dumpster diving and soldering?

Leave a few related items out and let the kids figure out what to do with them.  That’s the idea behind these “Planned Discoveries.”

Welcome to the age of overparenting. Do you see yourself anywhere in here?

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