Does Spring Break Have You Climbing the Walls?


It is Spring Break here in Middle Tennessee. Our entire city has packed up the kids and headed out of town. A few of us survived the rapture and are still rattling around in the freezing cold and snow. The Artman family and the Bass family agreed to hang with us this week and we made a plan which included several fun, outdoor activities. Then we checked the weather … even I won’t bike in less than 50 degrees. We adapted and decided to climb the walls, literally.


Ben declared that he wasn’t going to climb.

This lasted all of 30 seconds.

We headed to The Crag to do indoor rock climbing. We have to put on harnesses and sign a waiver?  I’m in!  

We had four kids and two adults.  The adults took turns belaying the kids.  They raced up the walls.  They encouraged each other to climb higher and try new paths.



The kids climbed for two and a half hours, and are already begging to go back. If you have indoor rock climbing in your area, give it a try. It is a great way to establish trust and overcome your fear of heights. Plus, it is a darn fine workout.

On a side note, I texted Angie while we were rock climbing.


Oops!  Texting while rock climbing can be risky.