Risky Reads: The Hobby Edition

It seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that I have a budding shutterbug in the house.  After years of seeing me snap pictures with my phone camera, Elena has turned into a mini-me.  While her photo library is filled with 101 more selfies than I’ve ever taken, it’s also filled with photos like mine – photos of food, her brother, nature, and friends.  We both love snapping those quick photos with our phones, and we both wanted to get better, so a few weeks ago I signed us up for an online iphoneography class through Photojojo.  It’s been so much fun to go through the lessons together. She has a great eye for unique shots!

The weather is still dicey here (just last week we had 4 inches of snow), and we’re still living amongst boxes (we move to our new house in a few days!).  Here are a few things I found while avoiding icky weather and towering boxes that I thought you might enjoy, too.

Soon we’ll have stairs and plenty of extra cardboard.  I think the kids need to make a cardboard slide. (via The Contemplative Creative)

In keeping with the cardboard theme, this DIY cardboard flyer looks super cool. (via Instructables)

Surely spring is just around the corner, but we still have quite a few chilly, wet days ahead of us.  I love this roundup of ideas for inside play. (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)

It’s that time of year when families start signing kids up for spring and summer organized sports.  Mike Lanza’s post on how they fit organized sports into their family life was really interesting, as I struggle with the benefits versus the hassle. (via Playborhood)

How do you raise successful kids?  Hint: it’s not with praise and overparenting.  Hallelujah.