Trade Screens for Sunshine!

Kids outdoor games

We here at the Risky Kids love KaBOOM! Last summer they sponsored a program that encouraged kids to visit a different playground every day. We signed up and not only had a blast but also scored an I-Pod shuffle, a book, ice cream and new shoes. Awesome!

Today marks the beginning of Screen Free Week, and KaBOOM! is once again doing their part to get kids outside. They are encouraging Risky Kids everywhere to trade one hour of technology time for outside play for an entire week.

Playing with worms

Bad weather? Not to worry.  The worms will still come out and play!

I gathered all my courage and asked my kids if they would like to participate …

Thomas and The Benj said, “YES!”  We have agreed to trade one entire hour of technology for outside play. Ben asked if we could spend the time jumping rope, playing with the dogs and shooting the BB gun? Oh, yeah!  I will admit that I offered a reward for participating in this event.  The Benj said that he would like to go ziplining.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

We started yesterday and the day was a rousing success.  The kids had 30 minutes of screen time on Sunday instead of the usual 90 minutes.  After church we went over to the neighbor’s house and ended up with 5 kids digging up the weeds. Then we all headed home to move a tree that had fallen across the neighbor’s driveway.  I let the kids use a handsaw to saw the big limbs. They fought over who got to use the saw. I rewarded all 5 kids with a trip for ice cream. We tried to do a kayak trip but the flash flood made that impossible, so we played around in the flooded park instead.

I am so excited to get outside and play, and we encourage you to take the Screen Free Pledge.  Screen Free Week begins today (Monday, April 29) and goes through Sunday, May 5.  Please join us and tell us what you plan to do  (or what bribes you had to offer your kids).