Risky Reads: The Get Outside Edition

Climbing trees does a body good.

Unless you live in Colorado or North Dakota right now, chances are spring has finally sprung for you.  And if it hasn’t, I feel your pain.  I love snow and all, but I am over it.  After what feels like an eternity being cooped up among boxes, it’s so nice to have not only room to play, but nice weather, new friends and new places to explore.  Just this week my kids met a few more neighbor kids and the group of them organized a big game of team tag.  It made my heart happy to see so many kids (at least 8) running around, laughing and playing.

In that spirit, I found a collection of things around the web that focus on playing outdoors.  Most of the time we hope that our kids will simply go out and play.  For the other times when either boredom sets in or you feel like spending time outside doesn’t come naturally to you, I hope these ideas will inspire you.

Many of us suburban dwellers find ourselves with backyards that are nothing more than an expanse of grass.  Childhood 101 suggests 7 steps to creating an outdoor play space for kids that’s really helpful.  I also love the simple playthings Kim from Mothering with Mindfulness came up with to make play in her backyard more enticing.

Both of those posts suggest adding a secret space to your play area.  How about this willow den?

If you have a good tree, building a simple treehouse such as this one would totally amp up the coolness of your backyard.  Let the kids help build it and you not only have an awesome treehouse, but they’ve learned some important life skills along the way.

Lastly, the always inspiring folks at Modern Parents Messy Kids have come up with 25 ways to play with nature.

For more risky inspiration, you can follow us on Pinterest.  In the meantime, we’d love to hear how you’re spending time outside this month!