Risky Reads: The Helmet & Pads Edition

Padded & Protected - The Risky Kids

Probably not the photo you’d expect to see on The Risky Kids, no?  Eli won this motocross helmet by taking 2nd place in a Strider bike race this winter.  He LOVES it, and would probably sleep in it if I let him.  I don’t see how he can walk around in it, much less ride his bike or rollerblades … it’s so heavy and huge on his head!  So lest you think we roll our kids gravel or toss them from the roof, please note that even the The Risky Kids pad and protect themselves from time to time.

Here are a few things I’ve found around the web in the last month that I thought you’d enjoy.  Take your pads off and stay awhile!

Are American parents doing it backwards?  An interesting perspective from the Huffington Post on how parenting styles differ in other cultures, and how our style may hinder our kids.  (Thanks to Paul K., a reader who tipped me off to this article.)

Now that you’ve read about how we’re doing it all wrong, chew on this: are we raising a nation of wimps?  This article over at Psychology Today thinks the efforts of some parents to shield their kids from bumps and bruises (both the physical and mental kind) may be setting kids up for a propensity to break down.

Are you and your kids more likely to hang out in the back yard or front yard?  Here’s the #1 reason you should be hanging out in the front yard instead.

Love camp, but don’t love how fast the cost adds up?  Have a kid that isn’t drawn to traditional camps?  Take a look at Maker Camp over at Google+.  Our tween-in-residence will definitely be taking part!

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