It Doesn’t Have To Be Risky To Be Fun


Sometimes we here at The Risky Kids like to balance out our time by doing things that are really  “not that risky”. I took the boys mountain biking at Cane Ridge Park this morning. (Risky) We saw a new park on the way home and decided to take a look. (Not Risky)

What we found was a hopscotch board drawn in chalk on the sidewalk.

I don’t really think we’ve ever played a complete game of hopscotch before. My memory of the rules was a little rusty, but we managed what was probably the most competitive game of hopscotch ever played.

Hopscotch does involve throwing rocks and hopping on one foot while bending down to pick up a rock.


 They loved it. We even met a new friend and asked her to play with us. We took turns, we threw rocks and we hopped around.  We sandwiched the not-so-risky event with a trip around the playground on the longboard just to be true to our Risky roots.

What did we learn?   Always take the opportunity to play when it arises, Risky or not!