Night Biking: A Nighttime Adventure

Last summer I bought a new headlamp and was dying to try it out. What better way than to take an after dark bike ride? I took Thomas. He was nine at the time and he was scared. Apparently there was a very dangerous GoatMan at sleep away camp. After a few minutes of biking, he got over his fear and we had a blast.

We live on a greenway. Thomas and I have been riding these trails for about five years. We’re so familiar with them we could ride in our sleep. It’s nice to ride during the day, but man … are they fun after dark.


We stopped at the ball fields and ran the bases. Thomas insisted that we hit all four baseball diamonds. I retaliated by drenching him with my water bottle. He was unarmed. It felt so good.


It’s ok to be out after dark. We did it all the time as kids. Who didn’t love a good game of flashlight tag? Go ahead and hand out the flashlights and headlamps and then sit back and watch the fun. ¬†Even better? ¬†Join in yourself!

What are some of your family’s favorite nighttime adventures?