Risky Places We Love: Treetop Adventure Park

Treetop Adventure Park, Nashville

Benjamin was at camp a this past summer at Tap Root Farm. (He had a blast.) This left Thomas and I both with a day off toget, so I told him that he could plan our day (had I planned it, he would have been in a kayak). He picked ziplining. I had been wanting to try out a new zipline in our town, so off we went. You have to be seven to participate so having Benjamin in camp worked perfectly.

It was a hot day with a chance of thunderstorms but we decided to risk it. We got lucky and had a nice breeze and no rain.

There are three courses available at Treetop Adventure Park – an adult course (ages 12+), a junior course (ages 9-11 with an adult), and a children’s course (ages 7-11, kids only).  We tried the juniors course. It is really more of a ropes course with ziplines in between each adventure challenge.

Treetop Adventure Park, Nashville

We got to wear a harness and sign a waiver, so I was ok with the lack of hardcore ziplines.

The cool part was that once we climbed up the first ladder, we were basically in the treetops for the rest of the time.

Treetop Adventure Park, Nashville. Juniors Course

We had fun! There were a ton of wooden bridges that we had to cross, each with it’s own challenge.

Treetop Adventure Park, Nashville. Juniors Course

I felt like Indiana Jones.

Treetop Adventure Park, Nashville. Zipline

The short ziplines in between the adventure bridges.

At the end were two really long ziplines. We almost missed them, so don’t forget to ask about these.

This tour is not for those who are afraid of heights. Even Thomas didn’t like crawling through the suspended barrels.  There are age, height and weight restrictions so be sure to check the website before you book your tour at Treetop Adventure Park.  If you’re good with all of that, then Treetop Adventures is a great way to bond with your older risky kids!