Mommy Boot Camp


Roll, Thomas, Roll!

Our local YMCA has been offering boot camp for adults for a while now. They installed several torture devices in the field behind the YMCA. These include giant truck tires, chin up bars and what I can only assume are trash cans designed for puking. I’ve ridden by on my bike several times but have been afraid to stop.

Thomas and I were riding bikes the other day and he gave me the courage to stop by and try it out.

You are now entering Boot Camp: Mommy Style.

The first thing we did was chin ups. I held the chin up record at Bauer Elementary School for my entire 6th grade year. The school record, not just the record for the girls. Thomas can do one assisted chin up, which is pretty darn good. My goal is to get his upper body strength developed enough to do Trapeze School next summer.  He’ll make it, one chin up at a time!


If you can’t do a chin up, try just hanging from the bar. Pretend that you are on an episode of Survivor.

Then we rolled tires across the field. This was way harder than it looked. We couldn’t even lift the big tire, so we rolled the small one. It is actually kind of fun. I convinced Thomas to get in the tire and I rolled him. That was super fun.


We took a break and threw around the frisbee before we biked back home.

It was a good morning. We laughed, we exercised and we tried something new. Nobody puked, but I’ll admit, I was a little sore.