Risky Reads: The Corn Maze Edition

Corn Maze

Confession: I hate corn mazes. Every fall I try at least one with the kids, thinking I’ll change my mind. But no. We’re terrible at them, and after 15 minutes of wandering around in crop circles we all start to panic like it’s the apocalypse and we don’t have any food. I think we’re finally all in agreement that corn mazes and this Risky Family do not mix. We’ll see you guys on the hayride.

When you finally make your way out of the corn mazes and pumpkin patches, here are a few things I found around the web that I thought were pretty cool:

Children today are facing a play deficit, and the effects are troubling. I was especially fascinated by the observations on what children learn through social play near the end of the article. (via Aeon Magazine)

How cool is the Austin Tinkering School?  It’s not every day you see photos of kids using a power saw!

It’s starting to get darker earlier and earlier … no worries though!  Just more opportunities to play outside after dark.

Eli learned to ride a bike without ever using training wheels, thanks to the Strider bike.  Here’s another way to teach a kid to ride a bike, courtesy of Grandpa Carl. (Side note – Grandpa Carl RULES!)

Get dirty – it’s good for you! (via intentionista)

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