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Too Risky (Even For The Risky Kids)

Please Don’t Try This At Home!


Scooter Jousting

Thomas got an Aerobie for Christmas. We spent a lot of time playing Aerobie on the tennis courts over break. One day Ben got involved by riding his scooter around the court and deciding that he would be the “FPU” (Frisbee Picker Upper). Whenever the Aerobie got stuck in the pine trees just outside of the tennis courts, Ben got the “FRS” (Frisbee Recovery Stick). Thomas picked up the FRS and the scooter and headed straight for Ben while yelling, “SCOOTER JOUSTING!” My gut reaction was, “Awesome! We need another stick and two shields!” Then I came to my senses. My training as an optometrist took over and all I could think about was removing wood chips from the kids’ eyes and treating them for a fungal infections. Needless to say, Scooter Jousting never saw the light of day.


Ping Pong Dining

My parents bought us a kit that converts my kitchen table into a ping pong table. Initially I was skeptical, since most toys like that fail, but this one was awesome. The only down side is that we actually eat on this table. My first instinct was to play right thru the meals. Extra point for landing in certain foods! That was a fleeting thought. Can you say gross, disgusting and messy? We took a time out for dinner instead. Now, that didn’t stop me from putting a water glass on one side of the net after dinner. It took Thomas less than five minutes to get the ping pong ball in the cup . . . my kids are going to be very popular at the fraternity house.

Unofficial Polar Bear Plunge

We’ve done the Polar Bear Plunge at Camp Widji for the past several years. It’s a cold great way to start the year. This year I was working so we missed it. A few weeks ago we were walking by our neighborhood pool and I thought out loud that we maybe we could do an “unofficial” polar  bear plunge. Ben didn’t hesitate – he made a beeline for the pool and I’m pretty certain he would’ve jumped in. Again, I changed my mind. For some reason it’s ok to wade into a lake with about a hundred of my closest friends but jumping into a freezing cold swimming pool with only my kids seemed just plain crazy.

Taking risks is fun, but even risky kids need to think responsibly before jumping in. It’s about knowing your limits and following your gut … even if it means missing a possibly epic game of Scooter Jousting or Ping Pong in the Pasta.