Sponsor Spotlight: eFamily

As grateful as I am for my readers, I’m also very grateful for my sponsors. They help me keep the lights on here at The Risky Kids and keep us supplied in batteries to lick.  At the same time it gives you a chance to meet some really great people, products and companies. This month’s sponsor is eFamily.


eFamily is an app that helps you manage your family moments. A subscription to eFamily allows you to share photographs, videos, and updates with the people you care about, while maintaining your privacy. As part of my sponsorship, I was given a free year’s subscription so that I could try it myself before deciding if I wanted to recommend it to you. While I’m firmly planted on the side of oversharing on the internet (that’s what nearly 7 years of blogging will do to you!), I can appreciate that not everyone feels the same way. I see eFamily as a wonderful alternative for people who love the connectedness that sharing through technology brings, but desire a more private option. You can learn more about eFamily, as well as enter to win a free one-year subscription for yourself, over at my other blog, Just Like The Number. And thanks to eFamily for being a proud sponsor of The Risky Kids.

If you’re interested in joining my wonderful sponsors, please visit my advertising page for more information or contact Angie at theriskykids at gmail dot com.  Thank you so much!