50 Dangerous Things: Throw Rocks


Pretty self-explanatory – find some rocks, throw them.



Clear Area (without people, pets, or things that might get damaged)

Possible Hazards:

Bumps and bruises

Danger to others

Property Damage

How It All Went Down:

I took Eli out to a fairly deserted pond at the edge of our neighborhood.  Seeing as how he’s 4, I didn’t think we needed to worry too much about damaging people, pets or property.  Then again, when I was 5 I gave the neighbor boy a bloody head when I chunked a rock at him.  For this task, we picked inanimate objects for targets as opposed to the neighbor boy.

(I promise, my video skills will get better.  I wanted to use the Flip, but the battery died.  I have yet to master the iPhone video without the black bands of sadness on the side.)

As an adult, I had forgotten how good it feels to throw things for fun.  Imagine how fun it is for kids?  There’s something so satisfying about hitting your target, or getting a rock to skip perfectly across a pond.  There are so many places where throwing things is taboo – and rightly so.  But let’s not forget that there are some places where throwing things like rocks and sticks is perfectly fine, and we should do what we can to let our kids experience that mini-thrill.

Want more?  Read about the rest of our experiences with 50 Dangerous Things. Inspired by Gever Tulley’s book 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do).



  1. “Black bands of sadness” – lol. The duck comment actually made me laugh out loud, a bit unexpected. I loved watching Eli throw rocks!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    What a great blog! I assume you know of http://freerangekids.wordpress.com/… one of the great things for the boys where we are now is that there’s a lot of kids their age and mostly parents all are in agreement about the freedom we give them to run around. There’s about 9 boys between 3 and 9 (mine will turn 6 and 9 in a few weeks) and sometimes we’re calling each other’s homes to find out which yard they’re at. It can be a bit scary, but nothing bad’s happened and I love to see how independent they are. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for mentioning the Free Range Kids blog. It’s a great one, and it reminded me that I need to add it to the Resources page. Your neighborhood sounds awesome. Thankfully we have something similar here, only with fewer kids. Right now Eli and his younger friend are running in between our houses, riding bikes and horsing around. It’s so liberating – and the kids are so much happier, too!

  3. That’s so great! And hey why not see how big of a rock we can throw! My boy tends to do that so I bet he’d be impressed to see what mom could do – or dad! ha! Yup rocks and water can entertain for hours and hours!


  1. […] a circumstance of happy coincidence, Eli and I found the perfect forked stick on our way to throw rocks.  Therefore, that’s my first piece of advice if you want to make your own slingshot: […]