Tag! You’re It: The 2012 KaBOOM! Playground Challenge

KaBOOM! Playground Challenge 2012

Last year the kids and I had so much fun working with KaBOOM! on their Park-a-Day Challenge.  Thanks to the Challenge, we discovered this gem of a wooden playground (along with many others) just minutes from our house.

This year they’re at it again and The Risky Kids want you to do it right along with us.  The KaBOOM! 2012 Playground Challenge starts July 2nd.  Why the need for a playground challenge, you say?  Two things:

1.  A playground in and of itself isn’t necessarily exciting and fun.  It needs kids, and lots of them, to make it come alive.  Maybe you’re the playground expert in your community – the Challenge would be a great opportunity to share your knowledge of the shadiest spots and best slides in town.  Maybe you’ve never ventured beyond that one playground around the corner.  Here’s your chance to explore playgrounds with your kids and find some new favorites.

2.  KaBOOM! has an excellent resource in their Map of Play.  By accessing it online or via their mobile app, you can search for playgrounds wherever you are.  It’s functionality only increases with more participation, and that’s where you come in.  By visiting playgrounds in your community and either entering or updating information about them in the Map of Play, you help others find great places to play.  It also helps identify communities that need playspaces, so that KaBOOM! can continue their mission to provide places to play within walking distance of every child in America.

Here’s how the Challenge works:

  • Download KaBOOM!’s new mobile app, Tag! (available for both iPhone and Android).
  • You visit playgrounds!
  • Track and share your playground adventures using the app.  Each playground you share will be added to the Map of Play.

Did I mention prizes?  No Challenge is complete without prizes!

  • Each playground you visit and share via Tag! will earn you points and badges.
  • Every other week KaBOOM! will give you “mini-challenge” for a chance to earn prizes as you go.
  • When the challenge closes on August 13, the top 3 point and badge earners will each win a week-long trip for 2 to Washington, DC!

What are you waiting for? Let’s all get out there and play!



  1. sounds so fun! except I don’t have a phone that can utilize the app at each playground, so we’ll only 1/2 participate. 🙂

    • Katie – the awesome people at KaBOOM! sent me this information for people who don’t have phones compatible with the Tag! app:

      “If you can’t participate using our mobile app, you can still share photos online on our Map of Play. You won’t be eligible for our weekly drawings but you can qualify for our Grand Prize. To participate this way, please enter the Challenge by completing these two easy steps:
      1. Sign up for an account on our Map of Play (if you have a KaBOOM! account, you are already signed up and can skip this step)
      2. Send me a blank email at pobeng at kaboom dot org