Growing the Risky Family: Welcome Lisa!

I’ve been fortunate from the very beginning of launching The Risky Kids to have so much support.  So many have you have shared with me that The Risky Kids is helping you in some way – whether it’s to feel like you’ve met a tribe of parents who share your philosophy or whether it’s to use us as a resource to stretch beyond your comfort zone as parents.  Whatever the reason, it makes me so happy.

I know, however, that this could be so much more.  If only we had more hours in the day!  Or more help!  And then it hit me: who says I’m the only one who has something to offer here?  I might not be able to make more hours magically appear, but I can definitely recruit someone to help out.

Handstand Lisa

Friends, I’d like you to welcome Lisa Abramson to The Risky Kids.  From the very moment I had the idea for the blog, Lisa was my biggest cheerleader.  Not only does she always have my back, she also inspires me to be more adventurous.  Only Lisa can get me away from my People magazine on our annual Girls’ Trip to kayak into shark dolphin-infested waters.  That’s tenacity, people.

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She brings that same spirit of adventure into her family life.  Lisa is married to Roger and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  She’s the mother of two boys, Thomas (9) and Ben (5).  We first met in a playgroup when Thomas and Elena were just babies.  Like me, Lisa has seen her parenting philosophy change as her kids have grown and she’s become a more seasoned mom.

She writes, “I was a risky kid.  I walked on top of the monkey bars.  I did back flips off the swings.  I had a mini-trampoline in my college dorm room.  Then I had kids of my own and I will be the first to admit it – I hovered.  I spent my days swooping in and yelling things like “Don’t touch!” and “Get down!”  Lucky for my kids my husband wasn’t having any of it.  It took many years but he brought me back to my risky roots.

Now we spend our days slacklining, kayaking, skateboarding and biking.  We’ve been known to stay out after dark, get a little lost and maybe miss a meal.  We can’t wait for more adventures.”

We both choose to do this not because we have all the answers (believe me, we don’t!), but because we love the way it challenges us to think about the way we parent and live out our lives.

From here forward, The Risky Kids will be a partnership between Lisa and I.  You’ll still see lots of posts from me (and on the rare occasion a post from Mike), but you’ll be seeing Lisa’s writing as well.  It’s our hope that by partnering with each other, we can bring even more awesome to The Risky Kids, with more topics, more viewpoints, more posts, and more inspiration.  And hopefully, more photos of giant toilets.

Lisa's in the Crapper

Welcome to The Risky Kids, Lisa! I can’t wait to share more adventures with you and all of our awesome risky readers!



  1. Lisa Barry says:

    Two of my favorite people writing together. Perfect!