Just A Swingin’

I have this friend, Mike, who is a stay-at-home dad/engineer. He was dropping his kids off to play one day and I noticed that he was in the backyard staring at my trees. He looked at me and said, “This yard needs a tree swing.” We immediately started negotiating location, materials and the use of power tools.

We made the seat out of a piece of scrap wood. I let The Benj use the hand sander and we added a lot of stain and polyurethane.


I know I’m biased, but you have to admit, it turned out beautiful.

Installation went great. There was minimal blood, I only almost lost a toe and I managed to get stuck in a tree. Mike wanted to attach the rope to a hammer and throw it over the tree limb. I vetoed that idea – mainly because I didn’t feel like driving to the ER.

Building a tree swing
Even better, I got to climb on this bad boy. Thirty-two feet, baby!

We are now the proud owners of the best tree swing on the planet. The neighborhood kids are lining up to use it. Siblings are actually pushing each other on the swing instead of fighting. If you’ve never been on a tree swing, you have to try it. It’s like flying and gliding all mixed into one and it feels fantastic.

Tree Swing



  1. That branch looks a bit on the thinnish side, IMO. I suppose it adds to the risk?

    • Yes, Brandon, the branch is thin and it sways. Don’t worry, we told the kids to move if they hear a loud cracking noise. There has been some discussion of reinforcing the branch. The engineer swears it will hold.

  2. magic mike says:

    Awesome swing!