50 Dangerous Things: Throw a Spear

Task: We are wired for throwing things. Make your brain happy and throw a spear.



  • Clear area
  • Straight stick

Possible hazards:

  • Impalement
  • Danger to others
  • Cuts and scrapes


Find any straight length of material. We used a stick, but a broom or pipe would work. Figure out your grip. Make a target. Clear the area and toss away.

How It All Went Down:

Lisa: Hey Thomas, it’s time to throw spears in the front yard.
Thomas: Can we throw them at the house?
Lisa: No!
Thomas: The car?
Lisa: No!
Thomas: Why can’t we just superglue our fingers together?
Lisa: Sigh….

I rounded up Benjamin and one of his friends. They drew an animal of unknown species on a box and we called it the target.

Spear-throwing Target

The kids decided that throwing rocks would be better.

Throwing Rocks at a Target

Go with the flow.

I convinced Nathan to try the spear.

50 Dangerous Things: Throw a Spear

The target was pretty beat up. No one was injured and I think that both boys got out a lot of aggression. We could market this…

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