50 Dangerous Things: SuperGlue Your Fingers Together, Take 2

superglue your fingers together

Meet Emily. She’s a RiskyKid. She let me superglue her fingers together today. Her exact words were, “How do you come up with all this awesome stuff to do?” Funny you should ask, Emily. It’s a combination of boredom, books, the internet and the amazing Mrs. Six.

To be fair, I superglued my own fingers and Thomas’ fingers together. I glued Thomas’ fingers six times. The kid has a hidden superpower that makes superglue useless on him. His fingers came apart within seconds. I figured there must be dirt or oil on his fingers. I made him wash his hands, same result. From now on, he will be the official supergluer in the family. My fingers were stuck together for three and and a half hours.

superglue your fingers together

Things that you can do with your fingers stuck together.
~Eat carmel apples
~Pump up bike tires
~Crash on your bike
~Eat pizza
~Develop new dance moves

Things that are really hard to do with your fingers stuck together.
~Order pizza
~Use the break on your bike

The kids had fun. I do think that we are all glad that the superglue doesn’t last forever and just to be on the safe side, I hid the superglue.



  1. I am like Emily-where do you come up with these crazy ideas!! My kids love her ideas as I do. Try them-you and your kids will have a blast!


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