A few days ago we inadvertently published a post that was still in draft form.  Usually this means it just needs some polishing, and publishing it might only mean that we expose you to a few run-on sentences or missing photos.  This one, however, contained language not appropriate for a family blog.  The post was removed as soon as we noticed, but those of you who subscribe to us via email or an RSS feed may have seen it.  We sincerely apologize, and while we can’t promise we won’t cuss in real life, we can promise to donate to the swear jar and keep The Risky Kids f-bomb free.  Thanks for understanding.



  1. Okay, I can’t lie. I’m not keeping up with much of anything these days. But when I caught your apology, I had to run, not walk, to my much neglected reader. And I laughed, a great albeit inward, belly laugh. One that I truly need this week …

    Because I would have called a vid like that a name like that too.

    Hope you’re over it already, and that everyone else is too. We all miss little details here and there. And sometimes we miss the whoppers. =)

    Love the blog, by the way. Finding the balance of raising risky kids is tricky. It is always nice to have perspectives of others with similar goals.


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