Roger’s Rules of Christmas Order

We had a Risky Family Meeting Friday morning. My husband, Roger,  printed up these rules and reviewed them with the kids. Then they signed the document and went to school to eat sugar and party down while I enjoyed the last three and a half hours of freedom.

I have to admit, these rules are pretty good. My favorite line is the one about our giant playroom otherwise known as “OUTSIDE.” Go outside and play needs to return to our daily vocabulary. Yes, it’s cold outside, strangers live there, there are cars and wild animals … but there’s also fresh air, sunshine and so much potential for fun. We all know it: your body and mind will be renewed if you just go outside and play.


The Token System

Still, there are times we’ll be inside and technology will be calling.  We rationed screen time a few months ago and it has changed our lives. I’ve said this before but EVERYONE is happier. It’s changed everything. They get an hour and a half everyday of tech time just for sticking to the rules. They have the option of losing or earning time. Tokens not used can be exchanged at the end of the day for a quarter.

I’m NOT a big fan of the phrase family time or quality time.  Roger works from home, I’m a stay at home mom and my kids are always around. Every minute of my life is family time. If you spend enough time with your kids, there will naturally be quality time and you don’t have to stress about fitting it into your schedule. Our house has a tendency to turn into a daycare center at times and through the Christmas Break Rules I think Roger was giving me an excuse to say if I didn’t give birth to you, GET OUT.

I also love the part about Mom and Dad spending time together. Kids need to understand that while they really are the center of the universe, it just won’t spin unless Mom and Dad send some time together. It also gave me the opportunity to define emergency.  Emergencies are limited to: fire, bones sticking out, massive amounts of blood, any amount of vomit and flooding.

The rest of the rules are pretty self explanatory. Christmas break is 18 days long. Even Risky Kids need rules sometimes.

What are you doing to make your Christmas break flow smoothly? Let us know.



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