Risky Reads: The Cardboard Edition

Moving day is nearly upon us.  This weekend we’ll move out of our home of nearly 7 years and into a temporary home for a month before moving into our new home.  We are surrounded by piles, boxes and bubble wrap.  If my kids were ever inspired by Caine’s Arcade, they’ll be in heaven when we start unpacking next month.  They could make an entire amusement park out of all the cardboard.  Also (and I could be getting overly sensitive here due to lack of sleep), I think cardboard boxes are getting a little condescending these days:


I’ll be doing my best to keep posting as scheduled, but if things seem a little quiet here for the next few weeks you know why.  Can’t wait to show you our new digs, though, including the biggest tree I’ve ever had in my very own yard.  In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve come across that I thought you might find interesting.

Please Don’t Help My Kids – A reassuring and inspiring piece for parents everywhere who are trying to raise independent children.  We’re not lazy or uninvolved – we have a purpose!

My kids have been begging for s’mores ever since a friend of ours made them some over her gas stove burners.  We don’t have a gas stove, so how fun would it be to have them earn those s’mores with a little DIY project? Have them build an indoor s’mores grill!

For the generation that will grow up thinking they need a GPS to find their own nose: show them how to find north using a stick.  I’m also loving the other posts in OutsideMom’s series “30 Uses for a Stick.”

Minimalist Parenting has a book coming out in March, and to celebrate they’re offering a free online workshop called MinCamp.  It sounds like a great motivator to simplify your family’s life … plus you earn merit badges.  I’m a sucker for merit badges.  Hope you’ll join me!

A mom with older kids reflects on the futility of raising kids with “no” and “it’s dangerous” as the default response to every situation.  Turns out she had nothing to fear.




  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word about MinCamp, Angie! Glad to have you…we think it’s going to be fun, productive and (we hope) helpful. Aren’t we all suckers for merit badges?

    • I’m very excited about the book! I’ve been following you and Christine for ages in the blogosphere and was so excited to hear you were working together on this project.

  2. Just FWIW, the peach(ish) color for titles, links, etc. is really hard to read. Maybe whatever the blue-equivalent of seafoam green/sage is instead?

    • I totally agree Brandon, and I’m working with someone to get it changed. I’d do it myself but I’d break the blog. Should be a color that’s more friendly to the eye very soon!