Every Day A Play Day!

King of the rock pile. #everydayaplayday #polarnopyretusa

I can not even begin to express how much the kids and I are looking forward to spending time outside.  It’s been a very long winter.  Just when we thought it was over, we had yet another winter storm come through and gift us with a snow day the week before Spring Break.  I had big plans to get us out and about over Spring Break, only to be felled by an illness that had me down and out for most of the week.

We need fresh air and we need to play!  We bet you do, too, so the timing of Polarn O. Pyret’s “Every Day a Play Day” this week couldn’t be better.  I’m happy to partner with PO.P again this year to spread the word about how important it is to get outside, even for just a little bit, every single day.  PO.P agrees, and so twice a year they make it their mission to encourage everyone to play outside, no matter the weather.  Their motto, and one I wholeheartedly agree with is “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.”  No one covers kids for any kind of weather better than Polarn O. Pyret.

Yes, even in the muckiest, dreariest of days, it does a body good to get out and stomp in puddles … or even play in a spring time snow. Of course, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for warm, sunny days.

Dirt magnet.

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating “Every Day a Play Day,” beginning today.  It’s so easy to do:

When: Monday, April 8 – Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where:  Outside, of course!

What You Need: Clothes for the weather (I’m pulling for short sleeves!), a camera, a playful attitude

How to Share:  Keep track of how much time you spend outside every day and log your time onto PO.P’s Facebook page.  The goal is to beat last November’s 1,104 hours of play (pfffttt … we can blow that out of the water).  While you’re playing, snap a few photos and share them, along with your stories, with PO.P on their blog, The Playful Life.  Each day they’ll randomly select from those who submitted photos and/or stories to win a $50 PO.P gift certificate.  You can also share your photos on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Be sure to tag them with #polarnopyretusa and #everydayaplayday.

You can follow along with us on Instagram (I’m AngieSix).  I can’t wait to see all the ways you choose to play!



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