Peep Jousting

Easter has come and gone this year, but not without one of our favorite activities. PEEP JOUSTING!

I loved Peeps as a kid. Who could not resist that ooey-gooey yellow sugar? A 42 year old woman. So what did we do with all the Peeps this year? We put them in the microwave.

My sister introduced me to this several years ago. Of all the things I have learned from my big sis, Peep jousting is the best.


All you really need is a package of Peeps and some toothpicks. Give each kid a Peep and a toothpick and let them set them up in the microwave on some paper towel. I like to use the neighbor’s microwave whenever possible. Turn on the power and watch them get big. The first Peep to impale the other one wins.

Didn’t your father tell you not to stare at the microwave?

Two at a time got boring this year so we added more Peeps. Winning is really all about the toothpick placement.


We got really crazy and had an all out Peep war.

So fire up your microwave and clean out your Easter baskets. And yes, good neighbor, if there had been a Peep explosion, I would have cleaned out your microwave. Or at least call the guy who cleans puke out of my car, maybe he does mircrowaves too.



  1. Ha ha, with the toothpicks in they kind of look like sugary narwhals!