KidVentures: 50 Inspiring Ideas to Kickstart Your Summer Adventures


I wrote this post because not only is the author one of my very favorite people in the world, but I also knew you would love her new ebook … it’s right up The Risky Kid alley!  This post does contain affiliate links.

It’s that time of year when my mind turns to thoughts of summer vacation.  While the first days of vacation are filled with giddiness and the feeling that we’ll never get tired of the pool, reality eventually sets in.  What’s the over-under on the first rumblings of “I’m boooorrred?”  My guess is 13.5 days into summer.

I’m always on the hunt for helpful resources to keep us active and entertained, not only in the summer but all through the year.  Just in time for summer, my good friend Jen Murray, has come up with a simple, do-able, but extremely helpful and inspiring ebook to get you outside, having fun and making awesome family memories.

Jen is a treasure, inspiring those of us in the trenches of parenting young children through her blog, 4tunate.  As a mother of quadruplet  six-year-old boys, Jen is more than qualified to help us navigate the world of adventurous play!  She speaks from a perspective so many of us can relate to – realizing you’re not necessarily a risky, down-and-dirty kind of parent, but knowing that it’s these kinds of experiences that benefit our children.

Her new ebook, KidVentures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Wonder, Discovery, & Childhood Memories , is full of ideas, suggestions, diagrams and printable to get you outside and having fun in every season.

Kids too little or not quite ready for a real zip line?  Make a zip line for their toys!  Have lots of kids in your neighborhood?  Help them organize a game of water balloon dodgeball or flashlight tag.  There are lots of activities that go hand-in-hand with 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do), including cook over a fire, climb a tree, and skipping rocks.

Jen’s absolutely right:  “It doesn’t have to be dangerous, complex, intimidating, or mud-covered to be an excellent kidventure!”  We might call ourselves The Risky Kids, but we know that the best adventures come from simply getting outside together.  Jen and I share a passion for play, and KidVentures is a wonderful resource for parents who want to fill these fleeting years with lots of playful memories.  Whether you’re a seasoned parent and adventurer or you’re just not sure where to start, KidVentures will have the perfect activities for your family.

KidVentures ebook by Jen Murray

Order your own copy today for just $4.99!

Outdoor nature play via The Risky Kids

As crazy as it seems now, we only have a handful of summers to share with our kids.  Make the most of them and get adventurous!



  1. This speaks my heart so well! =) So thankful that we share this passion, and for your awesome friendship! Let’s get together for some KidVentures this summer!

    And an enormous thank you for this post! xxoo