Risky Skills Every Kid Needs: Open a Bank Account

We here at the Risky Kids have been pondering a new series: Life Skills Every Risky Kid Needs. Some will be highly risky, like jumping a car battery and some will be mundane, like opening a bank account.

And so, we’re off to the bank.

We bank at Regions Bank. The people there are wonderful. I walked in with not one but two kids to open up savings accounts. The first thing we learned at the bank was the fine art of waiting.


Luckily, I brought hangman.

Poor Mr. Lamb had the pleasure of helping us. He was infinitely patient with Thomas and Benjamin. I made them answer all of the questions and fill out all of the paperwork.


For Thomas, it was all about counting up the big bucks.

Mr. Lamb happened to have a gumball machine in his office and my kids both decided at one point to trade in their hard earned money (ooohhh Nana, I love you.) for change to use in the machine. I advised them against this and they proceeded to open the savings accounts.

The very next day checks arrived from Nana and Papa and I suggested a Risky Field Trip to Regions to deposit those checks.


We took the neighbor with us cause we sure know how to have a good time over here at The Risky Kids!


Both boys filled out all the paperwork. We learned a valuable lesson from a complete stranger. I was about to tell Thomas what his account number was when another adult banker reminded me that we never give out our account number. He told the boys that if he had their account number, he could take all their money. They asked him what he would buy and I believe his answer was ice cream. Thank you for kind stranger for the good advice (and good taste).

Kids need to learn about spending and saving. They need to be able to walk into a business and know what to do and how to talk to people. So raid the piggy bank and head to the real bank!

What other Risky Life Skills do your kids need? Shoot us an email or leave a comment below and we’ll add them to our list!



  1. Jay Beckwith says:

    A pocket knife
    Bike tricks
    Hole to China
    Treehouse (self built)
    Downhill racer (self built)
    BB gun