One, Two, Three, Blow! Easy Activities for the End of Summer Blues


Sometimes we get a little bored around here.  And sometimes, I manage to channel that boredom into something fun.  Not always risky, but still fun.

Near the end of summer break we found ourselves with a rainy afternoon and a desperate need for something to do. In the beginning of summer break it’s easy to get motivated to conquer boredom with grand plans and activities.  I don’t know about you, but this is not so much the case at the end of summer break.  I needed something easy, thoughtless, but fun.  So I gathered up some easy-to-acquire supplies and rounded up the neighborhood kids.


I saw this at camp once, and was pretty sure that I could do it.

We started with Red Solo Cup Races.  All you need is a flat surface, two red solo cups and some straws. You give two kids their own cup and straw and tell them to blow thru the straw and move the cup to the opposite side of the table. The first cup to cross the edge without going over wins.



I liked this because I got to yell, “On your mark, get set, BLOW!”

Then we moved on to an Oreo Eating Contest. Each kid got an Oreo and placed it on his eye. You have to get it to your mouth without using your hands.


This doesn’t seem risky until you watch your kid eat an Oreo off of the garage floor.  Way to build your immune system, Benjamin.

For the grand finale, we had the Cheese Poof  Toss. This was my personal favorite. You select one lucky child, put a shower cap on her, cover her head with shaving cream and then hand cheese poofs to the rest of the kids. They stand in a circle and toss the cheese poofs at her head … and they stick!


I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t even toss my cheese poofs.


A potentially disastrous day turned into an afternoon of fun, proof that you don’t always need elaborate crafts or activities to have a good time.  Sometimes you just need a shower cap and cheese poofs!



  1. I have just enough time to plan a quick back-to-school party. We must try the Cheetos thing and the Oreo challenge! Thanks for the inspiration.