Risky Reads: Indian Summer Edition

Hay Bale Jumping

What a strange weather week we just had.  At the beginning of the week we had record highs. We were sweltering in the mid to upper 90s, and with all the pools officially closed for the summer we had no respite from the heat. Then a glorious cold front came through bringing temps in the mid-70s. Fall is my favorite season in Indiana – crisp, gorgeous, days with the windows wide open. Lucky for us, we had some well-timed visits to an apple orchard and some family farms.

At one of the farms we visited, we had to drag the kids away from these hay bales when it was time to go to dinner (a hog roast at a neighboring farm – lucky us!). One of the teens that lives on the farm said they never understood why other kids had boring playsets in their yards … didn’t everyone want hay bales instead? It’s all she and her siblings ever played on. I think Eli knows exactly what they mean!

In between apple picking and hayrides, I found a few things around the web that I thought you might enjoy.

I have to admit, I’m not the most enthusiastic parent when it comes to my kids wanting to experiment with concoctions. But I know how much they enjoy it, and how these open-ended sessions can spark so much learning and curiosity. Rachelle from Tinker Lab has a great post on how to set up a Magic Potion Lab in your kitchen that seems totally doable … even for me!

Have you heard about the Tiny Door Project? We have a tiny door hiding within a nearby park. I can’t wait to find it!

When did play become more about specific toys and less about open-ended activities? A fascinating read about how old-fashioned play builds serious skills.

I saw this on The Maker Mom’s Facebook page: A DIY digital camera that you build yourself and then use with infinite creative possibilities … and the price is amazing! What a fantastic gift idea for tweens and teens (and even adults)!

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  1. Having written and contributed to several books on Backyard play I have often gotten the question, “What should we put in?” My answer is “Swings, sand, and hay bales.”