Slacker Parents: Can We Do Better?

Slacker Mom

Contrary to popular belief, this is not how a slacker mom spends her days.

Last month I noticed some flurry around a new-ish term in parenting styles: slacker parents. It was teased up and promoted as being the polar opposite of helicopter parents, so of course I took notice. Not familiar with the term and what it implies? Go here and watch the video from Good Morning America. (Side note: I have met Alli a few times through blogging, but we’ve never discussed parenting styles.)

I definitely identify with the concept of slacker parents, and find it very similar to the ideas brought up in The Idle Parent. It definitely shares similarities with free-range parenting as well. What I have a hard time identifying with is the name. Much in the way that mommy-blogging now has a negative connotation, I see being labeled a Slacker Mom as a not-so-awesome thing.

I view the way I parent as hands-off, but encouraging. I don’t make choices based on what I will and won’t allow based on laziness. Instead I base them on how it will help or hinder my child from becoming a fully-functioning adult. The beauty of this method of parenting is that it eventually translates into less work for me as a parent. Call it slacker if you must, but I’ll call it responsible. And brilliant.

Surely those of us who parent in this manner can come up with a better term for who we are, one that doesn’t project the image that instead of parenting we are lounging in the hammock with cocktail in hand. What do you say? Do you identify with this parenting style? And if so, how do you feel about being labeled a Slacker?



  1. Oh my! I had no idea that such a horrible name has been given to a parenting philosophy which fosters choice, responsibility and self-confidence. Call me a slacker, then.

    • The name just gets on my nerves. It’s not like “helicopter parent” has a wonderful connotation, either, but at least it doesn’t imply neglect or lack of effort. But hey, slacker parents unite!

  2. I might actually be proud to be called a slacker parent — once upon a time ago, slackers were the cool kids. Does slacker parenting also include the ability to *not* sit around and talk smack about other parents and kids at dance class, because you really don’t care? That seems to be what the helicopter parents spend a lot of time doing. Makes me wonder if they have lives of their own.

    • Sadly, I don’t think the parenting smack talk is limited to helicopter parents … but I’m all for putting an end to it! If I’ve learned anything as a parent, it’s that there are many paths and not a single one is the “right” path. The smack talk is so unhelpful. I doubt anyone has ever changed the way they parent because someone else told them they were idiots.