Risky Reads: The Leaf Pile Edition

Kids playing in leaves via The Risky Kids

The leaves are falling fast and furious now, which means the neighborhood kids are in heaven. Little helpers don’t have to look far for someone in need of extra hands to rake and fill bags. And every day new piles of leaves appear that are just begging to be jumped into. We also had an impromptu science lesson about decomposition when Eli and his friends dug into a large leaf pile and were astounded to find it hot and steaming.

While we’re making the most of the waning days of fall, we’re also turning our thoughts toward winter and finding things to do that will get us through the long winter days. Here are a few things I found around the web I thought were pretty cool:

How cool is this video tutorial to turn your smartphone into a microscope? Maybe it’s because I spent years peering into a microscope for my work before kids, but there have been countless times I wished we had one handy at home. Looks like I can make that happen!

This PVC pipe building kit would make a great indoor activity all winter long. Can you think of all the cool forts this could help make?

We love having family game nights, but it can be frustrating when they don’t go quite as the Norman Rockwell picture you envisioned. This is a great guide on having an enjoyable family game night for all ages.

Gift guides will be popping up all over the internet soon, but by far the best, most comprehensive guide I’ve seen comes from Modern Parents Messy Kids.  So many awesome suggestions from a very trusted resource.

Is it possible to be an ethical parent in this day and age?  Really thoughtful piece from New York magazine.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Got a few good gift ideas for The Niece from MPMK. That homemade PVC building kit looks awesome, too!