An Abundance of Cheer

As we slowly clean up the wrapping paper, read instruction manuals, and wipe cookie crumbs from our faces, The Risky Family would love to take a few minutes to thank you for being such loyal readers and for always inspiring us to play more and fear less.

We’d also like to take some time to reflect on what our New Year’s resolutions might be. And by resolutions, I don’t mean the guilt-inducing kind. There will be no discussion of “Eat more kale,” “Get through P90X,” or “Organize the junk drawer” here. Not that those aren’t fine resolutions, and if you need more kale in your life, then by all means, kale it up. No, what we mean is, what do you resolve to do in 2014 to make your life more playful and to let joy, not fear, be your guide?

So many resolutions center around what you feel you need more or less of in your life. I read this the other day on Seth Godin’s blog and I immediately knew it would become my touchstone for determining whether or not we would put our energy into something in the coming year. It is his reaction to the notion that we must operate with an abundance of caution:

Perhaps we could instead opt for an abundance of joy or an abundance of artistic risk or an abundance of connection. Those are far more productive (and fun).

Also: The things we have the most abundance of caution about are rarely the things that are actual risks. They merely feel like risks.

In this spirit, I’d love if you would share your thoughts on what you resolve to do this year to bring an abundance of joy, art, connection, play, risk, love, laughter, curiosity (you get the idea) into your family’s life in 2014. I’ll do the same, and shortly after the New Year rolls in I’ll share mine as well.

I think if you play your cards right, this may just be your most playful year yet. And to that we say, “Cheers!”

In keeping with the idea that we need more play and less work as the year comes to an end, I will be taking a short holiday break from blogging. In lieu of new posts, I will take the opportunity to repost a few of the most popular stories from The Risky Kids. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to sharing even more adventures with you in 2014!



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