Parkour: Bouncing Off the Walls (On Purpose)

B.A.S.E. Fitness Parkour

Have you heard of Parkour?  Until very recently, I hadn’t.  Parkour is a holistic training discipline in which you use only your body to overcome physical obstacles as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

Or – as Eli would describe it – Spiderman training.

Parkour was originally developed as a training method for the French army, but gradually gained ground around the world as a way to get fit, have fun with a healthy dose of an adrenaline rush, and as a different way to explore an urban enviroment.  It’s closely associated with freerunning.

Intro to Parkour

We came across it quite by accident.  It turns out that Fishers is home to the one and only facility that offers Parkour instruction in Indiana. We drove by B.A.S.E. Fitness one day and Elena pointed it out.

Running, jumping, climbing, and taking risks? Well, it was right up The Risky Kid alley. We had to try it. And when I say we, I mean Mike, Elena and Eli (someone has to take the pictures, right?). They signed up for a one-hour Intro to Parkour class.

The class was a mix of males and females, kids and adults. The beauty of Parkour is that it can be adjusted to just about any age level (although it is recommended for 9 and up) and any fitness/bravery level. It can be as risky as you want it to be. While Parkour can be done anywhere, having an indoor training facility is a nice luxury. You can practice all year long out of the elements, can adjust the difficulty level easily, and the big bonus: pads on the ground if you fall!

Beginner Parkour

Is it something for the whole family? Not necessarily, but different people will like it for different reasons. Mike enjoyed it and would like to keep going for the fitness aspect of it. Elena could take it or leave it. Eli, of course, loved it. I can see the appeal for all kinds of groups: urban kids, people who want to get fit in a non-traditional way, kids who aren’t into traditional team sports, thrill seekers, anyone interested in survival skills, and many more I’m not thinking of.

Have you ever tried Parkour? Is it something you’d want to try (or have your kids try)?



  1. My boys would love it. I never knew there was such a class.