Risky Reads: The Polar Vortex Edition

This is what our neighborhood looked like just over a week ago today:

Polar Vortex 2014

The kids missed an entire week of school! I didn’t get a great photo, but the snow piles were so high that the kids were able to dig holes in them to make mini igloos. As the temperatures warmed up and the snow softened, they even connected some of the holes to make a system of snow tunnels. That’s the stuff childhood memories are made of!

Being stuck inside for days in a row gave me lots of time to get lost in my favorite blogs and Pinterest. Here are a few things I came across that I thought you might enjoy as well:

Snap Circuits Jr. was a big hit at Christmas last year, and it’s one of those toys that consistently gets played with in our house. I came across this tutorial to hack your Snap Circuits to make spin art. So cool!

I’d love to put together some of these DIY Explorer Kits and give them as gifts (thanks for sharing them with  me, Sacha!). I kind of want one for myself!

I thought this was an interesting read from a mom who struggled with a not-so-black-and-white parenting decision. Doesn’t it sometimes feel as if all of the decisions we have to make fall into the gray areas of parenting?

Do you watch the X Games as a family? Eli LOVES them. They’re coming up on January 23. While we were snowed in Eli reenacted the X Games indoors, with Elena playing filmmaker.

Lastly, I’m very excited to be a contributor to Bedtime Math’s parent/educator blog, Add It Up! I’m adding our risky touch to some fun activities and sharing the math that lurks within. So far we’ve wrapped a kid and played with giant dice. And don’t miss this cool interview with skatepark builder! I hope you’ll take a minute to check it out the blog.

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  1. Cool. Snap Circuits was a big hit here on Christmas Day as well.