Family Game Night: On the Road!

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Games are a big part of our family life, so naturally as we’re preparing for our riskiest adventure yet, I knew we’d want to bring along some games. Of course, the name of the traveling game is packing light, so we couldn’t very well bring along the Catan board or deluxe Scrabble.

The good news is there are tons of fun, family-friendly games that are small enough to fit in carry-on bags or backpacks. We plan on bringing several – some old favorites and some new additions – to pass the time in airports, trains and hotels. Besides being great boredom busters, games can be a great ice-breaker when meeting new people at home or abroad. Here’s are the games that are hitching a ride with us to Europe:

Best Travel Games for Families

A deck of cards: You can’t go wrong with the classics. We don’t typically play card games as a family, but we can always spend a layover teaching the kids the fine art of solitaire. Mike loves card games, so if the opportunity arises to learn a new game from a local, we’ll be prepared.

Uno and Rat-A-Tat-CatBoth of these card games are big hits with our family, and games we can all play together.

KanoodleThis is a new game for us, but it came highly recommended by a few other travel bloggers. It will be a surprise, and I’ll be ready to pull it out when boredom strikes.

BackgammonI found a small, magnetic travel version and snapped it up. We’ve been talking about learning how to play for months.

Rubik’s CubeAnother classic. Whether it’s an older kid or an adult trying to solve it, or a preschooler just creating patterns, it’s endlessly entertaining and takes up very little space.

BananagramsThis one would be tricky on a plane, but perfect for airport floors or by the pool at the hotel. I really want to watch my Spanish relatives play it in their own language, too!

Mad Libs: I scooped one of these up at Five Below for $1.50. They come in lots of fun themes, and are always good for a laugh. I’ll pull this out when anyone has a case of the grumps!

What are your favorite games that travel well?



  1. Brandon says:

    My wife and I recently started playing Jaipur. It’s fairly easy to learn (maybe 7yo+) but has some really interesting strategic aspects. I imagine Mike would be a big fan.

    • Thanks for clueing us in, Brandon! On my Amazon list now. It looks like it’s right up our alley, and I’m always looking for games that can be played with just 2 players. And who doesn’t love camels?!