Risky Reads: The Laundry Basket Edition

Asleep in the laundry basket

For about a week last month, Eli became mildly obsessed with the laundry basket. Sadly, it had nothing to do with folding the clothing in the laundry basket. But he did drag it around with him through the house, using it as a boat, a jail for his LEGOs, and a cozy, blanket and pillow-filled reading nook. One evening I checked in on him before bed. He was sleeping in the laundry basket! He did this for a couple of nights. Can you imagine if we tried to sleep like that? My neck would never be the same again!

While Eli found 101 uses for a laundry basket, I found a few things around the internet I thought you might enjoy (and that won’t give you a crick in the neck).

Have a kid that’s interested in coding? Check out this fabulous roundup of 20 resources for teaching kids how to code.

Homework can be such a burden on some families. This dad worried about the amount and intensity of his 8th-grade daughter’s homework, so he decided to do her homework for a week. The result is this essay, “My Daughter’s Homework is Killing Me.”

If that has you down, get ready to be inspired! Have you seen Childhood Unplugged? A group of photographers submits photos monthly of kids engaged in the art of play. All is not lost, friends.

This insect hotel, made of natural materials, would be a beautiful and practical addition to a natural backyard. What a great project for kids to study beneficial insects in their own backyard!

I love this DIY Upcycled Inventor’s Box. It would keep my kids busy for hours, and I’d love to see what creations they’d come up with.

I write for the parenting blog over at Bedtime Math. Last month we explored tessellations, made our own lava lamps, and created some cool domino cascades. This week we found a way to color Easter Eggs volcano-style. Lots of cool stuff going on over there – be sure to check it out!

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Risky Pins: The Drought Edition

Is it super dry where you live, too?  I don’t know about you, but I have so many activities I’ve pinned or saved for a rainy day … and the rain never comes!  We also have water restrictions where we live, so we’re limited on outdoor water play unless it involves going to the pool.

Here are a few cool things I’ve pinned lately that would great activities to beat the heat or the boredom that invariably sets in over the summer. Pinned anything risky lately?  Add a link in the comments to your pin!  And be sure to follow us on Pinterest – we’re theriskykids.  The more the merrier (and riskier!)

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Are your kids fans of the Fruit Ninja app?  Mine love it, and would totally dig some live action Fruit Ninja.  They’re pretty much always up for something that involves hitting things with swords, but add water and you have a recipe for summer awesome.

Source: Love Them Madly via The Risky Kids on Pinterest


This newspaper fort would be a great way to build a nice little nook for reading or escaping from siblings.  Heck, I think I might build my own … maybe even put a little minibar in there.

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids via The Risky Kids on Pinterest

Have any Hunger Games fans in your house? Make a bow and arrow for under $1.  It also involves a trip to the hardware store, which is always a good diversion during the dog days of summer.

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts via The Risky Kids on Pinterest


I’ve always wanted a balance board for the kids, but could never convince myself to spend the money.  Love this tutorial for making your own, with materials you probably already have on hand.

Source: elsie marley via The Risky Kids on Pinterest


Next time I go thrifting, I’m keeping my eye out for a blender.  I’m not sure Eli’s ready for it, but I know Elena would love it.  She loves coming up with her own concoctions both outside and in the kitchen.  And if she breaks it?  A new appliance for Eli to dismantle!

Source: mamascout via The Risky Kids on Pinterest


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