Risky Places We Love: Adventureworks

We love to zipline here at The Risky Kids. It doesn’t matter if it is in a cave, outside or somewhere in the rainforest, we highly recommend you get out there and try it.

Here in middle Tennessee we’re lucky to have a place like Adventureworks. They offer a canopy zipline tour with 9 ziplines, as well as an aerial trekking treetop adventure course and a challenge rope course (that’s next on our list). What’s even cooler is that the different courses can be tailored to fit different groups, whether you’re looking for a team-building activity, a family outing, or even a couples adventure.

Thomas and I have zipped at Adventureworks before the Benj got to try out his first zipline.

Adventureworks Zip Line
He had no fear.

Adventureworks Zip Line

Our friends, Emily and John, also got their first zipline adventure.

Adventureworks Zip Line

I was most proud of Mom Bistany. This was her first time to zipline. She was honest – she wasn’t so sure about the idea. She isn’t too fond of heights, but she faced her fear and won. She zipped like a pro! It was cool to hear her thank her son, Monkey John, for helping her to get outside and try something daring.


Adventureworks Obstacle

There were some really cool bridges that we got to walk across.

Believe it or not, ziplining is a great activity for those of you who would like to try something risky but are hesitant to take the leap.  By finding a credentialed course, you’re actually trying something that’s safe but feels really risky.  It’s exhilarating!  It’s especially great as a family activity for parents who are a little more reserved than their adventure-seeking kids.  You’ll have a blast, and the kids will think the world of you for trying something out of your comfort zone.

Adventureworks is located in Kingston Springs, just west of Nashville.  Visit adventureworks.com or call them at 615-297-2250 to book your adventure today!



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