The Giant Swing

A few weeks ago we traded one hour of screen time for an extra hour of outdoor play as part of KaBOOM!’s Screen Free Week. I knew when I pitched the idea that bribery was probably going to be part of Screen Free Week.   I was overjoyed when Benjamin suggested that zip lining would be an excellent reward for a (mostly) screen free week.

We headed back to Adventureworks for another zip line tour. We had a great time, but we kept hearing a rowdy group cheering and screaming. Our guide told us it was probably coming from The Giant Swing.  After our zip tour, we just had to check it out.

Oh man, was it cool.

In the middle of the forest is a harness and pulley system that hoists you up about a thousand feet and then drops you till you are swinging way above the trees.


 You get up so high, I don’t even know which kid this is.


 Hoist, Minions!

One person got to swing while the rest of us used the pulley system to hoist him to the tree tops.  You could go as high up as you wanted.  Most of us went as high as we could, but for those not as comfy with heights, you could stop at any time.  You got two swings.  We all tried it, even the adults.


Does this harness make my butt look big like Beyonce’s?


A waiver, a harness AND we got to climb a ladder? It was a great day. The look of shock  as everyone pulled the rip cord and swung was priceless.

You really need to be comfortable with heights to make this adventure work. But if you can get past that, it’s totally fun and I can’t wait to do it again.



  1. Looks fun! Does two swings mean you get two pendulum swings or everyone gets to go on the swing twice?

  2. Ella morris says:

    sounds awesome shame my parents won’t let me do it in a billion years!!

    • Lisa A. says:

      Ella, thanks for your comment. I have to ask. Why won’t your parents let you do it?