10 Ways to Ring in Spring!

Tomorrow is the first day of spring! Can I get an amen for those of us who feel as if this winter has overstayed its welcome? To celebrate, I came up with 10 playful ways to ring in spring’s arrival.

Fly a kite

1. Fly a kite.

Take advantage of spring’s blustery days and fly a kite! I don’t buy fancy kites, and I’ve been known to scoop up a few when I see them on sale. If we lose one or the string is hopelessly tangled we just move on to a new one!

Enjoy a spring shower

2. Enjoy a spring shower.

Stomp in the puddles, twirl your umbrella, make friends with the worms! Who says you can only play outside when it’s sunny and dry? Not us!

Geocaching with kids

3. Try letterboxing or geocaching.

Spend the dreary days learning about letterboxing and geocaching so that you’re ready to go when good weather and inspiration strikes.  If you’re just starting out, it can be easier to locate the cache in the spring, before the heavy foliage of summer takes over. While you’re searching, take note of what you see. What’s budding and blooming? Then return in the summer, fall, and winter and note how the location has changed through the seasons.

wild mushrooms

4. Forage for mushrooms or edible plants.

Find some guidebooks to help you. Not only are they a valuable resource, they can provide hours of quiet time on icky weather days as kids leaf through the pages. Last fall we discovered that we can forage wild hickory nuts in our neighborhood. Who knows what we’ll find this year? I’ve got my fingers crossed for morels!

5. Play with chalk and puddles.

Colorful sidewalk chalk is another item I keep on hand year-round and buy extras when I see them on sale. We call mixing chalk and water making a “colorful river” at our house, and it’s beautiful fun.

make up an outdoor game

6. Learn a new outdoor game (or rediscover a childhood favorite).

Or make up your own, as we did in the photo above! (The game was War Ball. Everyone dragged out a variety of balls from their garages, lined them up in the middle, and split into teams. When the game starts, everyone rushes to the center, grabs a ball, and starts throwing. Like Dodge Ball, when you’re hit, you’re out.) Sure, you remember playing hopscotch, foursquare, and red rover … but do your kids know how to play? Get a group of kids involved in a game and then slowly back away and let the magical childhood memories commence.

7. Search for tadpoles.

We’ve been scoping out what we think is the perfect tadpole habitat. It’s still too cold, but in a few weeks we hope to collect some tadpoles and watch them grow. Stay tuned for details!

play in the mud

8. Play in the mud.

Little toes were made for squishing in the mud. Heck, so are big toes, for that matter!

Of course the weather doesn’t always cooperate, and spring doesn’t necessarily mean sunshine or warm showers. For days that look more like winter, try these activities that will still get you in a spring-y mood:

Nature Center Animals

9. Explore your local nature center.

Bring the outdoors indoors! Many nature centers switch their exhibits and programming for spring. They might even offer some special spring-themed hikes or activities. Click the link above for more information on how to find a nature center near you.

10. Give indoor rock climbing a try.

This is on our Spring Break must-do list. My kids have been begging to try!

What are your favorite activities to ring in spring? Be sure to share them in the comments! For more outdoor inspiration,  follow The Risky Kids Pinterest boards!



  1. My daughters are 11 and 13 and sidewalk chalk is still a “MUST” around here from the day that the weather starts to warm up until the snow covers the driveway again!